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“Absolutely the perfect hanger for my tapestry! It looks so classy and clean. This is a great hanging solution and looks like a museum install. So much easier than anything else I’ve tried. :)”

Cleatco: By the way, she didn’t tell us to do this, but we think Molly’s online textile store is pretty awesome. Check her out at dittohouse.com

The Barbours

“We are very grateful for this organization system. It looks so good, but the thought that has gone into it is what makes it the most amazing. After we got up the first 2 cleats, my 13-year-old was able to put the rest of the system together and get it organized with his tools and lawn equipment on his own while I was at work. It was a great Mothers Day surprise for this single mama. [He] was enthralled by the installation videos from Cleatco. He thinks it’s genuis, and I agree!”


The Scotts

“The installation was incredibly easy! The instructions were easy to follow and it was stress free!”


The Millars

“Quality product. Very well designed and easy to install.”


The Osbournes

“I’m really impressed at how easy this system was to install and very happy with the finished product. Thanks, Cleatco!”


The Roberts

“Cleatco’s instructions made setup a breeze! Organizing made simple, and it looks great, also!”