Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood do you use?

Before we began manufacturing Cleatco, we purchased a large stock of high quality Baltic Birch plywood. Most woodworkers agree it’s the best plywood on the market. However, about six months after this purchase, the conflict in Ukraine compelled us to find another wood product that didn’t originate in Russian territory. So we are continuing to use our inventory of Baltic Birch, but are investigating and testing other plywood samples that meet our high standards for strength and appearance. Any future wood purchases will be this new type. We’ll keep you posted.

Can you paint it?

Cleatco cleats and fixtures are made from high quality plywood, and can be sanded, stained, painted or treated like any other wood product. Some customers love the natural wood, and some love to paint everything the color of their walls so everything blends together. The possibilities are endless.

How much weight can a cleat hold?

We don’t recommend putting more than 60 lbs. of weight on a cleat. We feel that it can hold much more than that, but we can’t recommend it because your results may vary. How well your screws engage each stud and the quality of your installation will ultimately determine how much weight your cleats will hold.


Always test slowly and carefully. If you place a heavy item on a cleat and see the cleat move at all, remove the item.

Installation help

How to install a Cleatco French cleat system - bottom up method

How to install a Cleatco French cleat system - top down method


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